V  A  L  E  N  T  I  N  E  S        D  A  Y
Newend x Monk House Design x Cecilia Fox
Jewellery is more than adornment. Worn every day, Newend pieces are mantras forged in metal to keep you anchored.

Newend along with Monk House Design and Floral Designer Cecilia Fox are celebrating Valentines day by being inclusive to all, being intimate with our selves, our friends and lovers.

We want to celebrate romance and we also want to acknowledge that Valentines day is not always a great reminder.

We have designed charms that embody self love and outward love.

If you are in love, love your freedom and friendships enjoy the love on this day!

If you are nursing a broken heart, let these pieces remind you that if you can love, you will find love.